NEWS With immediate effect:


  1. Now you can claim every 1 minute and get instant & automatic payouts!.[1]
  2. Seniority rewards have been updated. Read more
  3. Auto payouts are back! Minimum threshold: 1000 satoshi*
  4. Trading & Lottery are now closed.
  5. Faucet UPGRADE still gives you up to 200% its cost!

* 1,000 for BTC faucets
* 10,000 for ETH faucets
* 30,000 for DASH faucets
* 100,000 for LTC faucets
* more faucets coming soon

[1] Auto-payouts will be made automatically every 6 hours due to API limits. “Share your reflink to earn 50% more. Claim daiily at least one time and get up to 100% as Seniority bonus for being a loyal user *This limit will be gradually increased as more users use our faucets. If you have more than the minimum right now, we will soon add funds to our wallet in order to processing your payout, please be patient. Auto-payouts are now made instant after reach the withdrawal threshold for your convenience, it can take up to 20 minutes to reach you FaucetHub wallet.

Please note: Referral commision it’s still 50% per claim.

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