We’re back! With great improvements!

We take a break to reorganize and improve some functions and give you a better service:

News and improvements:

  • Starting April 2018, faucet’s balance can only be used to purchase Lottery Tickets, Trading or a faucet UPGRADE at our shop.
    • BTC balance for all our services, ETH, DASH & LTC balances only for some of them.
  • Now you must purchase lottery tickets manually when you have reached the minimum threshold in your faucet balance, this to associate your email to your Bitcoin (or ETH DASH & LTC) address.
  • Lottery Round #9 was extended one week more just for this time.
  • Balances remain intact, not a single satoshi was lost because of this 2-day break.
  • You may have lost only your seniority record but you can easily recover it claiming every day and earn more with these improvements.
  • If you manage to accumulate at least $1 in BTC, ETH, DASH or LTC, you can buy our Premium Faucet (UPGRADE) service to earn up to TRIPLE (200%) its cost in 30 days and receive automatic payouts to your FaucetHub account from only 1000 Satoshi*

*Premium faucet Autopayout: ฿0.00001 – ฿0.1 BTC | ♦0.0002 – ♦2.0 ETH | Ð0.0003 – Ð3.0 DASH | Ł0.0005 – Ł5.0 LTC

Sorry for any inconvenience this pause may have caused but it was to improve, new changes will be announced at least one week before.

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