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What's PRO trading?

PRO trading is a fast, simple, and fun way to trade. BUY if you expect a price rise or SELL if you expect a price decline. If your prediction is correct at the expiry time, which is usually every 24 hours, you make a profit equivalent to the payoff shown. If not, you forfeit the amount you invested. Trade responsibly.

Current payoff: 100%

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PRO Trading


What’s a PRO Trade?

A PRO trade is the term we use to define the period of time between the start time and the expiry time. Trades are renewed every 24 hours (at 10:00 UT-5). Each trade has a start time, purchase deadline, and expiry time.

What’s the payoff?

The payoff is the amount of profit you are set to make if your PRO trade is successful at the expiry time. For example, if you invest $0.01 in a PRO trade, you make $0.01 USD profit (100% x $0.01/BTC-ETH-DASH-LTC) at the expiry time if your prediction is correct.

What’s the expiry time?

The expiry time is the time at which PRO trades are closed and payoffs are paid.

What’s the purchase deadline?

The purchase deadline is the time before which you must place your PRO trades. The purchase deadline is usually 1 hour before the expiry time.

What are the fees for PRO trading?

There are no fees. You can earn BTC+ETH+DASH+LTC+Tickets(BTC) every hour at our faucets for free.

How is the price for BTC/USD calculated?

We use the price from, which you can see at any time on this page before submitting your entry/bet. Please note: The price for your entry will be the current at the time we review your order.

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